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AES Coprocessor


The AES Coprocessor encrypts and decrypts 128-bit data blocks by computing AES algorithm with 128-bit keys through a highly optimized architecture.


▪ AES decryption and encryption;
▪ key expander included;
▪ 128-bit data blocks;
▪ 128-bit keys;
▪ optional support of 192 and 256-bit keys;
▪ less than 4.8 kgates;
▪ less than 110 ns for an on-the-fly AES computation;
▪ when used as CPU peripheral, the external clock is selected;
▪ when used as an on-the-fly encrypt/decrypt machine, an internal clock is used;
▪ AES computation in CRT and ECB modes through software-based scheduling;
▪ AMBA APB bus interface (customized on request).


▪ VHDL source codes;
▪ VHDL testbenches;
▪ Synopsys synthesis scritps;
▪ design specification.

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