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Software RSA Key Generator


The Software RSA Key Generator is a secure cryptographic library compliant with the X9.31 and FIPS 186-4 standards.


▪ fully compliant with the X9.31 and FIPS 186-4 standards (probable primes);
▪ supported RSA key sizes up to 4096 bits;
▪ unlimited prime generation;
▪ optimized for 32-bit RISC architectures;
▪ adjustable trade-off between performance and RAM footprint;
▪ coprocessor accelerated;
▪ less than 20 s to compute a 2048-bit RSA key (coprocessor clocked at 100 MHz);
▪ state-of-the-art countermeasures against SPA, DPA and DFA attacks;
▪ optional support of other public key algorithms (DSA, Diffie-Hellman...)


▪ C and Assembly source codes;
▪ compilation scripts (makefile);
▪ test vectors;
▪ design specification;
▪ documents for certifications (FIPS, CC, EMV...):
− complete list of countermeasures with references;
− implementation details.

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