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Triple DES Coprocessor


The Triple DES Coprocessor is a Data Encryption Standard (FIPS 46-3) peripheral computing DES and Triple DES (TDES and 3DES) encryption and decryption through a highly-optimized secure architecture. Based on 2.5 kgates, the Triple DES Coprocessor computes DES and 3DES in 16 and 48 cycles respectively.


▪ DES and TDES decryption and encryption;
▪ three implementations available:
− one key optimized;
− two keys optimized;
− three keys optimized.
▪ Akkar & Giraud secure implementation;
▪ gate count smaller than 2.5 kgates;
▪ DES and TDES computation in 16 and 48 cycles, respectively;
▪ "start-on-key" and "start-on-data" configurations speed-up execution time;
▪ protected register access (intermediate results not accessible);
▪ straightforward integration through AMBA APB 3.0 bus (customized on request).


▪ VHDL source codes and testbenches;
▪ Synopsys synthesis scripts;
▪ C integration tests;
▪ design specification.

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