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Voltage Glitch Detector


The Voltage Glitch Detector is a fully integrated analog IP intended to monitor the voltage supply so as to protect the system against fault injection attacks.


▪ detection of the positive and negative supply voltage glitches;
▪ two versions available:
− monitoring of the external voltage (vcc) and ground (gnd);
− monitoring of the internal voltage (vdd) and ground.
▪ slope detection range: 100 MV/s to 2 GV/s (customized on request);
▪ adjustable detection threshold through a dedicated bus;
▪ typical operating consumption current smaller than 2 µA;
▪ typical setup time shorter than 2 µs;
▪ operating junction temperature range: -40°C to 125°C;
▪ typical silicon area smaller than 0.02 mm²;
▪ silicon proven in 150 nm, 130 nm, 110 nm, 65 nm and 55 nm CMOS processes.


▪ GDSII stream and layer map file;
▪ Library Exchange Format (LEF) file;
▪ Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist;
▪ design specification and VHDL behavioral model.

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