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EPC Gen2 Analog Front End


The EPC Gen2 Analog Front End (AFE) is a fully integrated analog IP intended for UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.


▪ fully compliant with the EPC Gen2 1.2.0 standard;
▪ fully compliant with the ISO 18000-6c standard;
▪ contactless transmission of data and power;
▪ includes the antenna pads, a voltage multiplier, a Low DropOut (LDO) voltage regulator, a load modulator, a demodulator and an oscillator;
▪ straightforward integration through a standard interface (customized on request);
▪ characteristics of a 130 nm CMOS implementation based on MIM capacitors:
− generated supply voltage range (vdd): 1 V ±10%;
− voltage multiplier efficiency of 25%;
− -17 dBm sensitivity for a 5 µW power consumption;
− quiescent power consumption lower than 1.5 µW;
− input impedance: 40 - j400;
− operating junction temperature range: -40°C to +65°C;
− silicon area smaller than 0.07 mm².
▪ silicon proven in a 130 nm CMOS process.


▪ GDSII stream and layer map file;
▪ Library Exchange Format (LEF) file;
▪ Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist;
▪ Liberty Timing File (.lib);
▪ VHDL behavioral model;
▪ design specification.

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