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ESD Protection


The ESD Protection is a silicon-proven IP supporting up to 8 kV HBM (Human Body Model).


▪ latch-up free 8 kV HBM ESD protection (JEDEC JESD22-A114E standard);
▪ support up to 1 kV CDM (JEDEC JESD22-C101E standard);
▪ ramp-up higher than 200 ns;
▪ noise time higher than 100 ns with 4 V peak-to-peak;
▪ operating junction temperature range: -40°C to +125°C;
▪ typical silicon area smaller than 0.05 mm²;
▪ silicon proven in 130 nm and 55 nm CMOS processes;
▪ validated on silicon by an independent laboratory (ISO 9001-2008).


▪ GDSII stream and layer map file;
▪ Library Exchange Format (LEF) file;
▪ design specification and Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist.

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