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ISO 15693 Dual-interface Analog Front End


The ISO 15693 Dual-interface Analog Front End (AFE) is a fully integrated analog IP intended for dual-interface (i.e. contact and contactless) Integrated Circuit Card (ICC).


▪ fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 15693/18000-3 standard and the relevant ISO/IEC 10373-7 tests;
▪ both contact and contactless transmission of power;
▪ ASK modulation with 10% or 100% modulation index;
▪ RF front end including the antenna pads, a tuning capacitor, several demodulators, a clock extractor and a load modulator;
▪ dual power manager including a power switch, a voltage regulator, a voltage reference, a variable frequency oscillator, a power-on reset and a supply monitor;
▪ operating junction temperature range: -25°C to +85°C;
▪ delivered power supply voltage range (vdd): nominal core supply voltage ±10%;
▪ silicon area smaller than 0.6 mm² in a 130 nm process with poly capacitors and HV devices.
▪ straightforward integration through a APB or AHB interface (customized on request);
▪ digital controllers available separately.


▪ GDSII stream and layer map file;
▪ Library Exchange Format (LEF) file;
▪ Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist;
▪ Liberty Timing File (.lib);
▪ VHDL behavioral model and design specification.

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