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SWP Slave Digital Controller


The Single Wire Protocol (SWP) Slave Digital Controller is a fully integrated protocol manager intended to interface the UICC (SWP slave) to the NFC chip (SWP master) through a single wire.


▪ fully compliant with the ETSI 102.613 standard;
▪ continuous bidirectional stream through eight physical buffers:
− four 32 bytes buffers for automatic frame emission;
− four 32 bytes buffers for automatic frame reception.
▪ 256 bytes Dual Port RAM acting as a physical buffer;
▪ total gate count smaller than 2.3 kgates (excluding RAM);
▪ straightforward integration through an APB bus interface;
▪ silicon proven in a 130 nm CMOS process;
▪ analog front end available separately;
▪ Master digital controller available separately.


▪ VHDL source codes;
▪ VHDL testbenches;
▪ standalone simulation patterns;
▪ Synopsys synthesis scripts;
▪ design specification.

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